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The battery capacity and SD710 are big let down. I know, it is for the style of the slim profile that need cut cost for SD710, and also need to reduce the battery capacity for the small phone. Powerbank and battery pack is a must for these kind of smartphone, or the phone can only last longer if you really seldom use the phone in a day. Ok, what if, it cost more with SD855+, and also getting thicker and bigger with at least 4000mah battery size? More people might consider buying it, but still not that groundbreaking for people to own a flexible screen smartphone that made it flip as a small flip phone. I probably going to look for 5G compatible smartphone, or any normal SD855/SD855+/SD865 smartphone with a least 4000mah battery without looking into these fancy screen tech that haven't matured. However, this is a very good start. Motorola might going to fail with this one, but many other brand will start copying this concept, and improve on the things that this phone lack, then reduce the cost of selling.